Release Notes

v2.69 GAP Release (September 2023)

New Iridium CloudConnect Support: GAP now supports Iridium CloudConnect. Please contact the Support Desk to enable this functionality for your tenant.

New Itineraries Data Retention: Itineraries are now subject to the same data retention settings as MO and MT messages. Please contact the Support Desk to enable this functionality for your tenant.

New Send Text Message Characters Count: When sending a text message in the GAP Portal, you can now see how many characters you have remaining when typing your message.

v2.67 GAP Release (July 2023)

New App device auto-create: A device record can now be created automatically when a user signs in to the GAP Guardian smartphone app. This is a tenant-level setting. Please contact the Support Desk to enable this functionality for your tenant.

Updated Utilisation of Availability Report: PTO hours are now included in this report.

v2.66 GAP Release (May 2023)

Updated AMEX GBT rail support: GAP Insights AMEX GBT integration now supports rail journeys.

v2.65 GAP Release (April 2023)

New Travelport GDS support: GAP Insights now supports the Travelport GDS.

v2.64 GAP Release (February 2023)

New High Impact report: Customers using Geotab GO7 and GO9 devices can now take advantage of the new High Impact Report. This report details possible collisions and other high impact events.

New Digital Matter device support: GAP now supports the Oyster3 and Yabby 3-4G devices from Digital Matter.

New Web App Look & Feel: You can now change the colour of the app switcher buttons via the Custom Portal Appearence screen in the GAP Portal.

New Web API performance: Further improvements have been made to the performance of the GAP Web API

v2.63 GAP Release (January 2023)

New Bulk import for facilities: the "Import Devices from CSV" function can now be used to import mailbox device types.

New Country Brief read receipts: it's now possible to record when a user accesses a country brief they've been sent via the Insights Rules Engine. You can also optionally receive a notification when a brief hasn't been read. Please contact the Support Desk to have this feature enabled.

New User Role enhancement: User Roles can now be marked as not for use in sub-tenants.

Updated Default look and feel: the default web app look and feel has been updated to match the Nova Systems brand. Custom look and feels are not impacted.

v2.62 GAP Release (October 2022)

New SOS cancellation reason: you can now record why as SOS was cancelled via the GAP Portal. The reason options are configurable. Please contact the Support Desk to have this feature enabled.

New Country Brief read receipts: it's now possible to record when a user accesses a country brief they've been sent via the Insights Rules Engine. Please contact the Support Desk to have this feature enabled.

v2.61 GAP Release (September 2022)

New New Rules Engine condition: you can now trigger actions if the traveller(s) specified in an itinerary has complete contact information.

New SABRE GDS integration improvements: hotel bookings can now be captured via the SABRE GDS.

Updated Password policy change: we've updated GAP's password policy to make GAP even more secure.

v2.60 GAP Release (July 2022)

New Country risk levels: Riskline subscribers can now use the "security" risk level instead of the "overall" risk level so that COVID factors are not taken into account when determining a country's risk for travel.

New Reports scheduler: it's now possible to configure which day of the month a monthly report will run on.

Updated Utilisation of Availability report: we've made this report more configurable with options for days of the week and periods of the day.

v2.59 GAP Release (May 2022)

New Data Retention: GAP can now automatically delete MO messages (inbox), MT messages (outbox), alerts and device log entries after a set period to help you meet your data retention requirements.

New GAP Portal right-hand pane: The GAP Portal right-hand side pane is now collapsible.

New GAP Insights Portal: The number of rows shown in tables in the GAP Insights Portal now persists between sessions.

v2.58 GAP Release (March 2022)

New Vehicle Servicing: GAP now supports alerting via Event Notifications when a vehicle's service is due (GO7 / GO9 devices only).

New Unacknowledged Emergency Event Notification: You can now trigger an event notification if an emergency is left unacknowledged for a period of time.

New New Event Notification actions: You can now call or e-mail the assigned user's emergency contacts via an event notification action.

New Nearby Assets: Clicking on an Insights Intelligence item in the GAP Portal will now allow you to quickly view the devices and travellers nearby.

New External Links: External Links for a tenant can now be configured via the Web API.

v2.57 GAP Release (January 2022)

New Webhooks: Webhooks can now be configured at the device level.

New Fuel Consumption report: GAP Reports now includes a Fuel Consumption report showing fuel economy and usage (GO7 and GO9 devices only).

New Bulk User Import enhancement: The "Manager" field can now be set via the Bulk User Import function.

New New Rules Engine actions: you can now start and stop a check-in schedule for a traveller via an Insights Rules Engine action.

New New Rules Engine condition: you can now trigger actions based on the end date of an itinerary.

v2.56 GAP Release (December 2021)

New Performance improvements: We've worked hard to improve back-end performance in this release.

v2.55 GAP Release (October 2021)

Preview GAP Reports Jobs: The new Reports Jobs function allows you to query large datasets (such as MO messages) based on certain parameters (including message properties such as location and bearer) and download or visualise the resulting data set.

New DigitalMatter Yabby Edge Cellular support: GAP now supports the new DigitalMatter Yabby Edge Cellular device.

New Traveller Portal enhancement: You can now create and edit journeys (such as rail and road trips) via the Traveller Portal.

New New event notification conditions: We've added a new event notification condition to allow you to check the accuracy of a position provided in an MO message.

New what3words: You can now search for what3words addresses using the Search Map Location tool under "Map Settings" in the GAP Portal

v2.54 GAP Release (August 2021)

New Riskline Country Reports: GAP Insights now supports Riskline Country Reports. These documents can be accessed by end users via the Traveller Portal and GAP Guardian app.

Updated Insights Intelligence Analysis: Users of the the Insights Intelligence Analysis screen can now access country regions even if their account is in a sub-tenant.

Updated GAP Portal refresh improvements: Geofences and Points of Interest are now refreshed in the background.

v2.53 GAP Release (June 2021)

New GAP Reports API: GAP Reports data can be accessed programmatically by our new Reports API endpoints.

New GAP Reports Collections support: GAP Reports can now be filtered by cross-tenant collection.

New Traveller Portal settings: you can now change settings for the Traveller Portal via the Insights Portal "Settings" screen.

New Inactive devices: the GAP Portal will now clearly show that a device is inactive via a grey badge. As of this release, it will no longer be possible to send an MT message to an inactive device.

v2.52 GAP Release (May 2021)

New Broadcast to distribution list: you can now broadcast a text message to a distribution list.

New New Rules Engine action: you can now send an e-mail to a distribution list via an Insights Rules Engine action.

New MT Message webhook: we've added a webhook that fires when an MT message is sent to a device.

Updated Web API v1: v1 of the GAP Web API has been deprecated in this release.

v2.51 GAP Release (March 2021)

New New Riskline data feeds: GAP Insights now supports the new Riskline COVID-19 data feed. Travellers can consume the information provided in this feed via the Traveller Portal or GAP Guardian app. Sub-category risk levels for each country are also now supported.

New Idling Summary report: GAP Reports now includes an Idling Summary report showing when your vehicles have been idling.

New Geofence display options: you can now control the maximum zoom level at which geofences are visible on the GAP Portal map.

New Device Support: we've added support for the DigitalMatter Yabby devices.

Updated Traveller Portal customisation: the Traveller Portal's subtitle text can now be customised on a per-tenant basis.

v2.50 GAP Release (January 2021)

New New GAP Reports app: we're pleased to announce the release of the new version of GAP Reports. This new version includes an updated look and feel plus a new geographical data visualisation function.

New Insights Intelligence API endpoints: we've added API endpoints for Insights Intelligence. This means you can now retrieve points, routes and regions and create alerts programmatically..

New Event Notification conditions: you can now query the "Location Source" and "Bearer" MO message properties when configuring event notifications.

Updated GAP Portal performance: we've made some further improvements to the performance of the GAP Portal.

Updated Trip Report: the Trip Report has been enhanced to include reverse geocoded addresses (where available).

v2.49 GAP Release (November 2020)

New Cell Phone device type: This new device type for cell / mobile phones supports Monitor Me and Check-In Schedules (with reminders being sent over SMS). If you have a smartphone, you can check in via the link provided in the message. If your phone supports it, your check-in can even include your current location via browser geo-location. If you have a feature phone without a web browser, you can reply to the message to check in.

New Broadcast options: you can now send a text message or check-in request to one or more groups using the "Broadcast" feature on the GAP Portal home screen.

New Beacon list view: we've improved the Beacons list view in the GAP Portal by adding more information and additional search options.

New Geofence display options: you can now control the zoom level at which geofences are visible on the GAP Portal map.

New Riskline alerts: alerts that apply to entire countries are now placed in the country's capital city and the alerts are sent to all users in country (if an alert rule is configured based on distance from the event).

v2.48 GAP Release (October 2020)

New what3words: messages can now be reverse geocoded with what3words addresses and what3words can also be set as your default co-ordinate system

New Travel Alerts: travel alerts can now be viewed on a per-country basis via the Travel Advice section of the Traveller Portal

New Copy Itinerary: you can now copy an itinerary via the GAP Insights portal

New Inbox Delete Options: messages can now be deleted from a device's inbox based on a date range

New Tracks: you can now choose to display tracks in the GAP Portal based on a number of positions rather than just a date range

New Updated Reports: we've improved the "Devices Overview" and "Trip" reports to include additional fields and parameters

Updated GAP Portal performance: we've made some further improvements to the performance of the GAP Portal

v2.47 GAP Release (September 2020)

New GAP Reports Scheduler: to help simplify configuration of GAP Reports schedules in large organisations, you can now configure reports to be sent to a device's assigned user and the assigned user's manager

New Itinerary Statistics report: we've added a new "Itinerary Statistics" report to help partners keep track of their itinerary volumes

New Event Notification actions: we've added a new event notification action to stop an assigned check-in schedule

v2.46 GAP Release (June 2020)

New GAP Reports Scheduler: you can now configure reports to be sent to address book contacts and distribution lists

New Insights Rules Engine enhancements: we've added a new itinerary rule condition to check a traveller's user account state (enabled or disabled)

New Event Notification actions: we've added a new event notification action to start an assigned check-in schedule

Updated Wave Heights weather overlay: we've added a new weather overlay showing global wave heights

Updated Bulk Device Import: you can now update devices using the "Import Devices from CSV" function

v2.45 GAP Release (May 2020)

New Insights Rules Engine enhancements: we've added new itinerary rule conditions "segment gaps detected" and "no segment gaps detected" to help identify itineraries with logical errors or missing information

New IVR Event Notification actions: we've added new event notification actions including "call the user", "call the device" and "call the user's manager"

New Overdue reminder: devices that go overdue as a result of failing to respond to an ad-hoc check-in request will now receive a text message reminder

New Filter by device status: devices in the GAP Portal can be filtered by their provisioning state (active / inactive)

New Map pushpin labels: GAP Portal map pushpin labels can now be customised - please contact the Support Desk for more information

New Sort by user role: Users in the GAP Portal can now be sorted alphabetically by role name

New App iBeacon settings: Settings related to the app's support for iBeacons can now be configured remotely from the GAP Portal

Updated Insights itinerary log: The itinerary log on the itinerary detail screen is now shown in the logged-in user's time zone

v2.43 GAP Release (March 2020)

New Insights Rules Engine enhancements: we've added a new rule condition "When alert is inside geofence", a new rule action to set the icon for an alert and also improved how country briefs are distributed

New Insights Cross-Tenant Collection support: Insights now supports cross-tenant collections to allow for scenarios requiring more granular permissioning

v2.42 GAP Release (January 2020)

New GAP Reports enhancements: we've added improved filtering capabilities and more options for scheduling reports

New Outbound phone call retry: outbound phone calls are now retried if the recipient does not answer or the line is busy

New Cross-Tenant Collection / Group membership: you can now see which cross-tenant collections and groups a device is included in via the "Configure" screen under "Devices"

New Event Notification actions enhancements: when sending a check-in request as a result of an event notification being triggered, it's now possible to select the period after which the device will be marked as overdue

Updated GAP Portal performance: we've made some further improvements to the performance of the GAP Portal

Updated App Call Button permissions: access to configure App Call Buttons can now be permissioned independent of the tenant in question

v2.40 GAP Release (November 2019)

"I'm not 40, I'm thirty-ten"

New Broadcast check-in request: we've added the ability to broadcast a check-in request from the GAP Portal in the same way you can already broadcast a text message

New Manual check-in enhancements: you can now add a location to a manual check-in

New Itinerary notes: you can now add free-text notes to itineraries

New Insights Rules Engine: we've added new rule conditions to detect missing itinerary segments and new rule actions to notify travellers' managers by e-mail, SMS and phone call

New Traveller Portal:: it's now possible to unsubscribe from specific country briefs via the Traveller Portal

New API key enhancements: API keys can now be regenerated via the GAP Portal

New Itinerary updates: a tenant-level setting has been added to enable manual updates to be preserved if itineraries are updated via e-mail

2.39 GAP Release (September 2019)

"The morrow was a bright September morn; the earth was beautiful as if new-born; there was that nameless splendor everywhere, a GAP release was in the air, which makes the passers in the city street congratulate each other as they meet."

New Default Viewport: the default map view (location and zoom level) can now be set via Options > My Profile > Portal Settings

New New Reports: we've added three new reports to GAP Reports - "Time in Geofence", "New Itineraries" and "New Devices"

New Report Scheduler: you can now schedule reports and have them e-mailed to you

New SMS Check-In Reminders: we've added the option to send check-in reminders via SMS (instead of push notifications). This is configurable on a per-tenant or per-device basis.

New Insights Rules Engine: we've updated the Rules Engine so that alerts can now be sent to travellers based on where they have been previously (i.e. send alert if a traveller had been in the country in the last 7 days)

Updated Text message broadcast: when sending messages to devices with certain tags or tag values, these can now be selected from a drop-down list instead of having to be typed in manually

Updated Web API v2: Secondary device IDs can now be set via the /devices endpoint

Updated Bulk Import Enhancements: you can now set user and device tags and secondary device IDs via the bulk import functionality for devices and users respectively

2.38 GAP Release (June 2019)

"Hey June, don't make it bad. The new GAP release will make things better..."

New Single Sign-On: sign in once to a GAP web app and get signed in automatically to all other GAP web apps

New Federated Identity: we've added the ability to log in to GAP web apps using your company-issued credentials (contact us for more information)

New Journeys: for devices that support journeys, these can now be displayed in the GAP Portal

New Device Support: we've added support for the DigitalMatter DART2, G62 LoRaWAN and Oyster LoRaWAN devices

Updated Bulk Device Import: we've made the device import process more tolerant of special characters in phone numbers (such as "+", "(", ")" and "-"). The process also now allows you to set a device's group as part of the import.

Updated Insights Traveller Portal: we've added flight data auto-completion (similar to that used in the Insights Portal) when adding / editing itineraries

Updated Web API v2: you can access KML for a tenant via the new /KML endpoint

Updated App Check-In Requests: check-in requests sent from the GAP Portal to the app will now be delivered even if the app is not running (they will however no longer appear in the app's "Messages" screen)

2.37 GAP Release (April 2019)

New GAP Portal privacy enhancements: you can now configure user roles to ensure that a user can only see devices in an emergency state and / or only the last message for each device.

New Broadcast by Tag: you can now send a text message to all devices with a particular tag or all devices assigned to users with a particular tag.

Updated Conversation View: you can now view the last 72 hours of messages in Conversation View.

Updated Event Notification Actions: we’ve added an event notification action to start tracking using the currently configured interval.

2.36 GAP Release (February 2019)

Updated GAP Portal performance improvements: we've worked to improve Portal performance for tenants with large numbers of devices / users.

Updated Web API v2: you can now acknowledge an emergency using the /mtmessage endpoint.

Updated App Call Buttons: you can now set up different numbers for SOS / Monitor Me calls and Quick Call buttons.

2.35 GAP Release (December 2018)

"Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! Oh what fun, it is to do, a GAP release today!"

New Insights Traveller Portal: we've built a whole new web app to allow end users to view their itineraries, view travel advice, update their profile and access common websites. Visitors can also sign up for a GAP account and provision their own apps! If you want to try it, contact the Support Desk.

New More broadcast options: you can now send a text message to devices within a geofence or arbitrary geometry (circle / polygon).

New Change SMS reply map type: it's now possible to change the map type shown on the SMS reply web page.

Updated More weather layers: we've added new radar and air quality layers and updated the lightning strike layer.

2.34 GAP Release (September 2018)

"Say do you remember? The GAP release that took place in September? Never was a cloudy day..."

New Web Hooks: you can now configure web hooks via the GAP Portal instead of having to contact the Support Desk.

New SHOUT ns Support: we've added support for NAL's new SHOUT ns device.

New Globalstar SmartOne Solar Support: we've added support for Globalstar's new SmartOne Solar device.

New Track arrows: we've added arrows (showing the direction of travel) to tracks. See Updating Your Profile for more information.

Updated Insights Rules Engine: we've added a rule action so you can e-mail, SMS or call all users in a particular tenant in response to an alert.

Updated User Management: we've added the ability to require a user to reset their password on their next login as well as allowing a user to be created in a disabled state both manually and via the bulk import. Finally, it's also now possible to set expiry dates on accounts created via the bulk import mechanism.

2.33 GAP Release (June 2018)

"Summertime, and the GAP v2.33 release is easy..."

New inReach Mini Support: we've added support for Garmin's new inReach Mini device.

New Event Notifications Actions: you can now send a message to the device that triggered an event notification - provided, of course, that it supports text messaging. For example, you might want to set up an event notification to send a text message to the device if it enters a geofence.

Updated Event Notification Criteria: we've added a new event notification criterion - "when the device is in monitoring mode".

Updated Queclink Device Support: we've implemented specific device types for derivatives of the GL300 (specifically, the GL300W, GL300LU, GL300MA and GL3000W). Please ensure you use the correct device type on the Portal to maintain full functionality.

Updated Voice Check-In Reminder: the greeting for voice check-in reminders is now configurable. Please contact the Support Desk should you wish to take advantage of this option.

Updated Web API v2 Enhancements: you can now set tags for groups and add custom user data via v2 of the Web API

Updated Insights Intelligence: you can now turn clustering for Insights Intelligence on or off via the GAP Portal

2.32 GAP Release (April 2018)

Just as the UK starts to warm up, here's another release of GAP!

New Event Notifications Actions: you can now specify that certain actions are taken if event notification criteria are met – for example, sending a check-in request or changing a device's reporting frequency. This enables powerful new workflows such as – "if a device enters a geofence, increase reporting frequency to once a minute" or "if a device goes overdue, send a check-in request".

Updated Event Notification Criteria: we've added some new event notification criteria including "when a device stops moving" and "when a message is received with no position".

Updated Insights Rules Engine: we've added a "request a check-in" rule action and also the ability to run a rule based whether a traveller will be in a country (according to their itinerary) within the next x days.

Updated Insights E-Mail Parsing enhancements: we've improved the visibility of status information when an itinerary is being manually parsed.

Updated Pressure weather map: we've added a new weather overlay showing forecast atmospheric pressure (isobars).

2.31 GAP Release (February 2018)

New year, new release of GAP!

New Web API v2: we have added new endpoints to allow you to manage Insights itineraries via v2 of the Web API

Updated Bulk User Import: we have added the option to auto-generate a password and send a welcome e-mail to the new users. We have made the import process more tolerant of special characters in phone numbers (such as "+", "(", ")" and "-"). The process also now allows you to update existing user accounts with new information by re-importing them via a CSV file.

Updated User Account Setup: it’s now easier to set up new users - you can auto-generate a password and re-send the account verification e-mail if the user misplaces it

Updated Cross-Tenant Collections: we have added ability to include all sub-tenants in a cross-tenant collection when adding a tenant. This will apply to any new sub-tenants created as well.

2.30 GAP Release (November 2017)

Christmas has come early with the 2.30 release of GAP!

New Country border crossing event notification: we’ve added a new event notification rule that fires when a device enters a new country.

Updated App Call Buttons: Lone Worker app call buttons are now configurable by administrators via the “Tenants” menu.

Updated Longer SMS messages: you can now send SMS messages that are up to 918 characters long. Please note this will incur additional SMS charges and may not be supported on all networks (in which case the message may be split or truncated).

Updated Map Tools enhancements: we've updated the Search Map Location and Mouse Position tools to include better support for other co-ordinate systems such as MGRS and UTM.

Updated User Settings administration: it’s now possible to amend another user’s portal settings (assuming your account has sufficient permissions).

Updated Geofence display changes: you can now set the opacity of a geofence in addition to its colour.

2.29 GAP Release (September 2017)

The nights are drawing in up here in the northern hemisphere but there's always another GAP release to brighten up your days.

New Dynamic Event Notification Recipients: you can now set up event notifications to recipients that update automatically based on changes to device ownership / group membership - including "the device's assigned user", "other devices in the same group" and "the device's assigned user's manager". For example, you can now set up one notification at the tenant level to notify users if their device battery level becomes low. If the user of the device changes, the recipient will be correctly identified at the time the notification is triggered.

New Jet Stream Weather Map: a new map overlay ("Jet Stream 250mb") has been added to the "Weather" tab under "Map Settings".

New Tagging Enhancements: we have added the ability to create tags against groups and geofences. You can then reference these tags when creating event notifications to create even more powerful notifications to meet your customers' needs.

Updated Event Notification Recipients: event notification recipients can now be created at the event notification “Actions” step rather than having to navigate back to the address book.

Updated Filter Inbox by Message Type: you can now filter the Inbox by message type (for devices where there is a well-known set of message types).

Updated New portal customisation options: the "Change Portal Logo" screen (under "Options") has been renamed "Change Portal Appearance" and includes a number of new options. Administrators can now change the Portal favicon, page title and banner menu styling.

Updated Sign Out: the "sign out" link has moved to the left-hand side of the banner menu (on mobile devices it can now be found under "Options").

Updated Web API v2 (Preview): we've added more endpoints to the Web API v2 Preview.

Updated Default User Settings: we've added more default options for users at the tenant level - specifically, for determining portal alert settings. These are applied to all new users created under a tenant.

2.28 GAP Release (August 2017)

The 2.28 release of GAP has arrived! This new release includes:

New Free Trial Weather Maps and Information Tool: we now offer comprehensive weather forecast maps detailing temperature, precipitation, wind, humidity, dew points, snow accumulation, severe weather warnings and sea surface temperatures. You can also find out the weather at a specific location (and a 3 day forecast) using the new Weather Information Tool.

New Static maps in event notifications: for customers with a Google Maps license, it’s now possible to embed a static map image of a location within event notification e-mails. This feature is available through both the GAP Portal and GAP Insights.

New Support for SANAV MU-201 and CT-24 cellular trackers: we now offer support for these cellular tracking devices.

New Web API v2 (Preview): we’ve been busy working on the new version of our Web API, which is now available in preview form for you to try out. New features include the ability to upload multiple MO messages in the same call as well as performance and scalability enhancements. Check out the API documentation to find out more.

Updated Delete multiple Inbox messages: you can now delete more than one message in the Inbox at the same time.

Updated Updated home pane search: The home pane search function has been updated to support searching GAP Insights data sources. Please note, it is now necessary to hit the search icon to perform a search.

Fixed Inbox export: Inbox Options filters are now applied when performing CSV, GPX or KML exports.

Fixed Lone Worker app settings: Unsupported Lone Worker app settings have been removed from the “Application Settings” menu.

2.27 GAP Release (June 2017)

The 2.27 release of GAP is here - just in time for summer! This new release includes:

New Alert Nearby Devices: Event notifications can now trigger a text message to be sent to devices within a certain radius (up to 100KM) of the event. Only devices that have reported within the last 48 hours are notified.

New Custom Device Modes: You can now configure inReach and SPOT device default monitoring / check-in behaviours on a per-tenant basis via the Portal.

New Configurable Lone Worker App Defaults: You can now configure which screens are shown by default for new Lone Worker app device activations via the Portal on a per-tenant basis, allowing you to offer a more tailored "out-of-the-box" experience for customers.

Updated Text messages by SMS: You can now choose to send text messages as SMS (where supported) in the "Broadcast" screen and when sending text messages to a group of devices.

2.26 GAP Release (March 2017)

Spring has sprung (for those of us in the northern hemisphere) and so has the v2.27 release of GAP. This new release includes:

New Custom Map Icons: You can now use your own map icons! This can be configured via the "Configure" > "Map Icon" screen for devices. The icon must be a PNG file with a maximum width and height of 50 pixels and it's recommended that is has a transparent background. Please note that the custom map icon does not change colour when the device is in Emergency or Overdue state, as it does when using the default map icon.

New Custom User Data: We've added the ability for you to define and store custom data against users. You can set up text boxes, check boxes and drop-down lists to store whatever information you would like against each user.

New Contact Sharing: Add contacts (shared with sub-tenants) to lists in those sub-tenants (i.e. a global contact in top-level tenant “ACME” that is set to be “Visible also for sub-tenants” can now be used in a Global Distribution List in the sub-tenant “ACME – Division 1”).

Updated Device Local Time: The local time at the current location of a device can now be displayed on the device tile.

Updated Additional Overdue Notification Options: 2 and 5 minute options have been added to the "When the device is overdue" event notification rule.

2.25 GAP Release (December 2016)

The two10degrees' elves have been busy working on a number of back-end improvements over the last few months, including server performance upgrades to all our front-end servers - hopefully you will notice a difference. Some noteworthy portal changes include improvements to the filtering options, a new time map tool and adjustments to the colour of Device Tracks.

Filtering Improvements: We have added the ability to filter based on Device Tags. Device Tags are a way of storing data against any device, for example, its colour, size, serial number or firmware version. You can now filter for any device with a particular Device Tag (e.g. Colour) or where a Device Tag equals a certain value (Colour: Blue). Another filter addition, when filtering by Tenant, you can see all Global Event Notifications that apply to groups in that tenant.

Time Information Map Tool: We have added a new tool to the main map which shows you the time of the place you have clicked on. To use this feature click the burger menu button in the top left corner of the map and select "Time Information". Click on the map to place the clock icon, and you will be shown the current time and time zone information at that point. Simply drag the clock icon to another location to see the time information for that area.

Matching Icons & Tracks: The Device Track now matches the colour of the Device Map Icon. To change the icon colour, navigate to the device, click Configure, then Map Icon. On this screen, you can change the colour of map icon.

Data Log Retention: Data Logs can now be retained longer when using the 1 hour interval.

Select All of your Contacts: Select All/None buttons have been added to the Copy Address Book page.

2.24 GAP Release (October 2016)

V2.24 has arrived – here are some of the new features we have introduced.

For added security, we now offer Two Step Verification. If desired, portal users can be asked to provide a verification code in addition to their user name and password when logging in. This can be done using SMS messages or Google Authenticator. If you would like to add an extra layer of security to your accounts, get in touch with us so we can turn this feature on for you.

We have made improvements to our IVR capabilities including the ability to set the position of a stationary phone. The IVR Check-In service allows a user to satisfy a Check-In Request from virtually any phone, anywhere. All you have to do is register the phone you are going to use on the system. Not only can you check-in, but you can also leave a message or be redirected to an operator. Contact us if you would like to incorporate IVR into your solution.

We have added icons to the device list so you can see whether a device has an active Check-In Schedule (a tick icon will be shown) or is being Monitored (an eye icon will be shown). This allows the operator to quickly see the state of a list of devices.

Enhancements have been made to the Dashboard so that you have a better overview of Overdue Devices. When you click on an Overdue Device, you will now see relevant scheduling information. Depending on your settings, you will be shown when the device last checked in, schedule type, missed check-ins and monitoring intervals.

We now support Web Hooks for Event Notifications, as well as for changes to Devices, Users and Tenants and receipt of messages from devices. Webhooks are incredibly useful and a resource-light way to implement event reactions. Please get in touch if you would like to start using webhooks.

Other minor changes are listed below:

We have some exciting features lined up for the next few months and we can’t wait to tell you about them. If you have feedback in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Version 2.23

We are happy to announce the release of V2.23. Here are some of the new features you will find.

GAP has got a brand new look. To strengthen the association of our software product, GAP, with two10degrees, we have given GAP a new brand identity. Thanks to your support, GAP has grown from strength to strength since it was first launched by the two10degrees team 5 years ago. The new brand identity has been designed to support a new suite of applications to be launched in the coming months.

Following your feedback, we have added the ability to copy an Address Book from one device to another. Copying an address couldn’t be easier, simply use the "+" button on the Address Book page, select "Copy from Another Device", and choose the contacts and lists you wish to copy.

We have extended the reach of GAP by offering an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) service. Using your desk, mobile or any other type of phone you can check in and be called with check in reminders and when other events occur. Please contact if you are interested in this feature.

Email notifications until now, have only shown the Search and Rescue standard UTC time zone. Although this is a standard, we heard that it made it difficult for portal operators to identify the local time zone for the tenants and device users. Now, Email Notifications will include the UTC time zone, tenant time zone, and if known, the time zone the device is located in. Please note that you must be using our new Event Notifications engine for this feature. Please contact if you would like to be upgraded.

You can now remotely deactivate our smartphone Lone Worker application when a device is removed by a portal operator. To use this feature, navigate to the Device Configure page and select "Deactivate". The user will be forced to enter an activation code before continuing to use the device.

We now offer the ability to Remotely Stop and Start Device Monitoring, as well as Enable and Disable Check-In Schedules, from a select device types. These features are disabled by default and only enabled by our support team upon request. Please contact if you are interested in this feature.

Sometimes you need a little helping hand. We have added a link to the portal that takes you through to this support site, if it was not previously enabled. The link can be removed or can link directly to your own support documentation, if desired.

New column options have been added to the List View. There is now a column for the Device ID, and any device tags can be shown here as well.

We are always looking for ways to make GAP better. If you have any feedback please get in touch.