Cell Phone Device Type

The Cell Phone device is a new, lightweight duty-of-care offering that works on any phone that can send and receive SMS. The Cell Phone device type supports Monitor Me and Check-In Schedules (with reminders being sent over SMS) and doesn't require any software to be installed on the device. If you have a smartphone, you can check in via the link provided in the message. If your phone supports it, your check-in can even include your current location via browser geo-location. If you have a feature phone without a web browser, you can reply to the message to check in. Note that inbound SMS charges apply. This function will only be supported for domestic use in the UK (+44) and USA / Canada (+1) although other countries can be added upon request.

Add a new device

  1. Log on to the GAP portal using an account with privileges for adding devices
  2. Click on the "Devices"
  3. Click the "+" icon
  4. Select a tenant from the "Tenant" drop-down list
  5. Select "Cell Phone" from the "Device Type" drop-down list
  6. Enter a unique ID in the "Device Id" text box
  7. Enter a display name for the device in the "Friendly Name" text box
  8. Assign a user to the device using the "Assigned User" drop-down list
  9. Enter the device's phone number in the "Phone Number" text box
  10. Click "OK"

Assign a Check-In Schedule

  1. Click "Devices"
  2. Click the device in question
  3. Click "Configure"
  4. Click "Check-In Schedule"
  5. Click "Select Check-In Schedule"
  6. Select a schedule from the "Selected Schedule" drop-down list
  7. Click "OK"

How to request a check-in

  1. Click "Devices"
  2. Click the device in question
  3. Click "Request Check-In
  4. Select how quickly the device must respond before it is marked as overdue usign the "Check-In Period" drop-down list
  5. Click "Send"

How to check in

Check-in reminders are sent via SMS. Each message contains a link to a web page where you can check in. If your web browser is allowed to access your device's location, this information will be provided with your check-in. If not, an IP address geolocation will be used. If your device does not have a web browser, you can reply to the reminder SMS with the words "CHECK IN" (no quotes).

How to start monitoring

To start monitoring, send "MONITOR ME x" where x is the check-in frequency in minutes (e.g. to check in every hour, send "MONITOR ME 60").

How to stop monitoring

To stop monitoring, send "CANCEL MONITOR ME". Do not send "STOP MONITOR ME" as this will prevent you from receiving further SMS from GAP.