Device Tags

Device tags are a way of storing arbitrary data against any device, for example, its colour, size, serial number or firmware version.

You can then use a filter to show only devices with specific tags or with tags containing specific values (i.e. colour = "red", firmware version = "2.0", etc.).

To add tags to a device

  1. Click "Devices"
  2. Click the device you wish to tag
  3. Click "Configure"
  4. Click "Device Tags"
  5. Click "+"
  6. Enter the tag name (i.e. "Colour") and the value (i.e. "Red")
  7. Click "+ Add Tag" to add any additional tags and repeat as required
  8. Click "OK"
Adding device tags

To view tags for a device

  1. Click "Devices"
  2. Hover over the black "i" icon next to the device's friendly name
Viewing a device's tags

To filter based on tags

  1. Click "Filter"
  2. Click "Filter by Device Tag"
  3. Select whether to filter by tag value ("Devices When Tag Contains Value") or for the existence of a particular tag ("Devices When Tag Is Set")
  4. If selecting "Devices When Tag Contains Value", enter the desired value in the "Tag Value" text box
  5. Click "OK"
Filter by device tag value