Importing multiple users from CSV file

You can add multiple users to the system without needing to add them one by one. User details can be uploaded using a CSV file that is typically exported from another system or created in an application such as Microsoft Excel.

CSV file

Here is an example of a valid CSV file:,Noah,Smith,9cnGQMF1,Administrator,No Access,+447700900405,1978-04-21,Liam,Jones,m4LHy4cV,User,GAP App Access,+447700900219,1961-12-20,Mason,Williams,5b8RnbmJ,User,GAP App Access,+12025550107,1973-08-05,,,,DriverId2=8A43F6D7,Jacob,Taylor,d6C5mQRn,User,GAP App Access,+12025550169,,William,Brown,QLvBn41V,User,No Access,,,Emma,Davies,lT7byQAH,User,No Access,,1982-06-06,2018-08-31,Olivia,,Y228rnHY,User,No Access,,,,true,Brandon,,IJsfn98JN,User,No Access,,,,true,false,DriverId=23E87AD4;DriverId2=076B7C4D

The file must contain the following columns:

It can optionally contain:

To import users from a CSV file:

  1. Click "Options"
  2. Click "Tenants"
  3. Choose the tenant you want to use
  4. Click "Import Users from CSV"
  5. Click "Select CSV file" and choose your file

The system will then validate the data, this can take a while depending on number of records in your CSV file.

If there are any errors in the data, a validation message will be displayed for every record. You will need to fix the issues in your CSV file and try the import again.

New Should you wish to send a welcome e-mail to new users, check the "Send Welcome Email to New Users" option.

When validation passes successfully you can review the users. If all values are correct, the users can be imported by clicking the "Import" button.

New If you retain the original CSV file, you can make changes to user accounts in bulk by amending the CSV file as required and then re-importing it.