Data Logs

Data Logs are a way for you to obtain a regular export of your GAP data in a format that can manipulated in Excel or imported into your preferred reporting tool. This might be useful for reporting or backup purposes. You can export information about:

Exports run on a regular basis via a "Job Schedule" (one per tenant). When a job runs, a copy of the files will be stored on the server for you to download at your convenience. You can optionally choose to receive e-mail notifications when data is made available for download.

You can also access your data logs via the GAP Web API.

To set up a Job Schedule

  1. Click "Options"
  2. Click "Tenants"
  3. Click on the tenant for which you wish to set up a new scheduled job
  4. Click "Data Logs"
  5. Click "Manage"
  6. Choose whether the data export should include data for just the tenant you selected or also its subtenants.
  7. Select how often you require the data export to run (either daily, weekly or monthly) using the "Frequency" drop-down list
  8. Select what data to export from the "Data Types" section
  9. Select how long to retain exported data on the server via the "Retention Policy" drop-down list.
  10. If you wish to be notified by e-mail when the data export is available, check the "Send Notification When Export Finishes" check box and enter an e-mail address in the "Notification Email Address" text box that then appears.
  11. Click "OK"