How to configure your IsatPhone Pro for use with GAP

Before you can use you phone with GAP, you must ensure that you have provisioned the handset for airtime with your service provider.

These instructions are for production use only. If you have been given access to a demo or trial account, then these instructions may not apply. Please contact your administrator or service provider.

On the portal, when adding the device, you must use the allocated phone number as the Device Id, not the IMEI number.

The IsatPhone Pro does not support tracking or emergency alerting. Your GPS location can be sent manually and recorded for display only.


For information on how to configure your phone to send its location, please consult the "Using your GPS location information" section of the IsatPhone Pro User Guide.

The User Guide asks you to select a Contact to send messages to. You should create an entry in the phonebook as follows:

Email Address:

Then choose this contact as the recipient. When you send your location, the message will be displayed on the portal.