The Home Page

The home page described here applies to all users with access to more than one device. Users with access to one device will not see this page and will instead be directed to the device page.

The Home page is broken into 4 sections: Search, Dashboard, Broadcast and Recent Messages. Note that all sections may not display when you log in depending on your user role permissions, your portal settings and the state of the devices you have access to.


The Search input at the top of the Home page can be used to find devices, users, groups and travellers.

Search Result

Once you begin typing your search term, the search results will be displayed instead of standard Dashboard and Recent Messages. The s earch term entered in the box is compared to the following:


The Dashboard section shows a summary of specific device states with an indicator of the number of devices in that state. Possible items on the dashboard are:

Clicking the link opens dashboard detail page with list of devices.

To enable (or disable) the dashboard section:

  1. Click “Options”
  2. Click “My Profile”
  3. Click “Portal Settings”
  4. Check (or uncheck) “Show Dashboard on Home Page”