Update your Iridium Extreme to handle the 2015 Time Re-Epoch

Purpose & Scope

 On March 3rd 2015 Iridium performed a "re-epoch" which requires Iridium Extreme users to update their phones to ensure that the correct date stamps are shown on the GAP Portal.


  1.  Dial *#99#2014051114235500#
  2. Press the green key
  3. Power handset off
  4. Power handset on
  5. Allow handset to register to the network
  6. Handset will now display the correct time

Note: If the time displayed is incorrect, check your time zone settings by proceeding with the following

  1.  Press Menu
  2. Scroll to Setup and press Select
  3. Scroll to Time & Date and press Select
  4. Scroll to Select Time Zone and press Select
  5. Choose the desired UTC time zone and press Select
  6. Handset will now display the correct time

Additional Comments

The Iridium GO! will handle the time change automatically.