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Address Book

Address Books are a collection of contacts and distribution lists. Each device has its own address book. There is also a global address book for each tenant. Address books are used in conjunction with event notifications to determine who receives alerts and what form these alerts take.

Administrator (role)

A built-in, read-only role afforded a privileged level of access.


Application Programming Interface - a mechanism for interacting with GAP (and other software applications) via code.



Method of communication for a device (i.e. satellite, GSM, etc.).

Buffer Period

A period (in minutes) before or after a scheduled check-in time when a user can check-in.


Canned Message

A short, pre-defined text message that can be synchronised to a device to allow the device user to quickly send commonly-used messages. Canned Messages can be configured at a device or tenant level.


A proactive notification sent from a device indicating that the user is OK.

Check-In Schedule

A series of times at which a user is expected to send check-in.

Circle Geofence

A geofence formed by a radius around a point.


A contact is an address book entry that ordinarily represents a single individual. Contact records store contact details, specifically: • Name • E-mail address • Telephone number Contacts can be grouped together as distribution lists.


Comma-Separated Values - a simple file format commonly used to import data into spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel.



A device represents an object that sends messages to and / or receives messages from GAP. A device can be anything that has a mechanism for sending and / or receiving data (including satellite phones, GSM (cellular) trackers, lone worker smartphone apps, etc.).

Device ID

A unique identifer for a device on GAP, ordinarily the IMEI number. Device Log An audit log detailing actions, events and free-text notes relating to a device that do not necessarily represent messages sent to / from it.

Doppler Position

When referring to devices that use the Iridium satellite network, a Doppler position report is one where the position data is estimated based on the relative location of the device with respect to the Iridium satellites. It is often less accurate (and sometimes much less accurate) than a GPS fix. See What is a Doppler position report?


Emergency (alert)

A message sent from a device indicating the user is in distress.

Emergency (state)

A state describing a device that has recently sent an emergency alert.

Event Notification

Event notifications are used to notify contacts or distribution lists when certain things happen, for example: • Device has entered or exited a geofence • Device has low battery • Device is in an emergency state What event notifications are available depend on the type of the device in question.


Fence Width

How far (in metres) inside or outside a geofence a device has to be before an event notification is raised.


A mechanism for selecting what information is displayed throughout the portal.



A geofence is a geographical shape representing an area on a map. Geofences can be either: • Circles • Polygons • Lines Event notifications can be set up to alert contacts or distribution lists when a geofence is crossed by a device.


Global Positioning System - a satellite constellation administered by the United States of America that provides location information to devices containing a GPS receiver.


GPS Exchange Format - a file format for storing geographical information such as tracks.

Group A group is a collection of users, devices and check-in schedules. Groups can be used to: • Grant users access to devices that are not assigned to them • Perform actions on groups of devices (such as sending a text message or requesting their current location) • Apply check-in schedules to more than one device simultaneously


Global System for Mobile Communications - a standard for communication over mobile phone (cell phone) networks.



Horizontal Dilution of Precision - a measurement of accuracy for GPS positions. HDOP values of greater than 5 may indicate a less accurate GPS fix.



International Mobile Station Equipment Identity - a unique identifier for some types of telecommunications equipment. Ordinarily this is a 15 digit number.


A list of messages sent to GAP from a device.


Interactive voice response (IVR) is a technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through the use of voice and DTMF tones input via keypad.



JavaScript Object Notation - a data exchange format used by the GAP API.



Keyhole Mark-up Language - is an XML notation for expressing geographic annotation and visualization within Internet-based, two-dimensional maps and three-dimensional Earth browsers. KML was developed for use with Google Earth, which was originally named Keyhole Earth Viewer.



A geographical coordinate representing the north-south position of a point on the Earth's surface.

Line Geofence

A geofence consisting of a single line.

Location Request

A message sent to a device requesting it to respond detailing its current location.


A geographical coordinate representing the east-west position of a point on the Earth's surface.



Machine-to-machine - communications between inanimate devices that does not involve a human being.

Man Down

An alert send from the Lone Worker smartphone app when a device has not moved for a specific period of time.

Manual Check-In

A check-in performed by clicking a button on the portal, not via a message sent from a device.


Military Grid Reference System - a geographical co-ordinate system used by some military forces.

MO Message

Mobile Originated Message - a message sent from a mobile device. Usually found in the Inbox.

MT Message

Mobile Terminated Message - a message sent to a mobile device. Usually found in the Outbox.




A list of messages sent from GAP to a device.


A state describing a device assigned to a user that has not checked-in within the period defined by the applicable check-in schedule.


Pending Check-In

A state describing a device assigned to a user that has not checked-in within the buffer period defined by the applicable check-in schedule but is not yet overdue.

Pending Location Request

A state describing a device that has not yet responded to a location request.

Point of Interest

A static point on a map detailing an item of importance to a user (such as an office location, basecamp, hospital, etc.).

Polygon Geofence

A geofence composed of 3 or more edges.


The password-protected website used to display GAP data to end users and administrators.

Public Map

A map showing the location of devices in a group that is accessible anonymously over the internet.

Push Notification

A message sent to a device (ordinarily a smartphone) by GAP as a means of triggering an action or sending a text message.



Reporting Frequency

How often a device is configured to report its position on a regular basis.


A collection of permissions that are assigned to user accounts to grant access to functions within GAP.



Software-as-a-Service - a form of delivery of a software service hosted by a service-provider rather than by the customer themselves. GAP is an example of this.


A tenant that is not a top-level tenant (but rather has a parent tenant).

Sync Tool

A software program for synchronising GAP data such as contacts and canned messages to a device.



A simple piece of text consisting of a key and value detailing something about a device (for example - "Color: Black", "Serial Number: A123988123-E", etc.).


A container for objects within GAP (including other tenants, devices, users, groups, check-in schedules, roles, etc.) which acts as a security boundary.

Throttle Limit

Limits on the amount of information that can be exchanged between GAP and a device / user to preserve the availability of the platform.

Top-Level Tenant

A tenant on the first level of the hierarchy (which thus has no parent and is itself not a sub-tenant).


A series of positions on a map connected by a line in order of time sent.



An account with the capability to access GAP.

User (role)

A built-in, read-only role with limited access.